The aim of the conference will be to discuss the phenomenon of resilience of cultural landscape and its components to external pressures. To what extent are the values of cultural landscape able to spontaneously determine its resilience to contemporary transformations? Is the resilience of landscapes possible at all, and if so, to what extent and with what tools can it be strengthened? The subject of resilience concerns conservation of cultural heritage, environmental aspects including climate change challenges, as well as legal and spatial/urban planning aspects.

The scope of the conference is a continuation of reflections on the identification of current problems and challenges in maintaining and preserving the cultural heritage of cities, villages, open spaces, and especially historic gardens. It is also important to pay attention to the integrity of the cultural landscape with the continuation of the activity of its anthropogenic determinant and local biodiversity and environmental conditions.

These considerations should respond to the appeal of the International Federation of Landscape Architects Europe Resolution Granada, Spain, (October 2021) among others referring to sustainable landscapes. Activities, methods, patterns, should be based on promoting the creation of self-sustaining ecosystems used to meet human needs.

Presentation of research, international exchange of experiences, on how to increase the resilience of cultural heritage and establishment of interdisciplinary cooperation will be the main objective of the conference based on international documents.

Particularly interesting topics:

  • urban ecology
  • urban metabolism
  • structures of cultural heritage
  • heritage relationships
  • historical greenery
  • urban ecological network solutions
  • urban ecosystems
  • urban-suburban relation
  • conservation activities in urban and suburban zones
  • urbanscape
  • suburban solutions
  • impact of historical conditions on the modern city
  • urban and suburban regionalism
  • urban and suburban biodiversity

Conference Scientific Organizer:

D.Sc. Ph.D. Arch. Katarzyna Hodor, Prof. PK

Cracow University of Technology, Faculty of Architecture,

Chair of Landscape Architecture [A-8] ul. Warszawska 24,

31-155 Kraków,  tel. 0608-396-220,  tel. 12 628 24 64                                                                           


conference website:   



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